Almost Happy in the Media

Almost Happy in the Media

Please see book reviews and other snippets from media interest below >

1. Book Trib Review by Sharon Geltner

2. BBC Radio Ulster - interview with Dr. Brian Kaplan (35 mins in) BBC Radio Ulster - The Lynette Fay Show, Women's equality in sport, laughter and healing

 3. Jewish Telegraph March 4th 2022 - We are rather amused by the misquote that we are made up of many 'cells' cf. 'selves' and there are 'subcells' cf. 'subselves'. Both are true!


4. BBC Radio Berkshire - interview with Brian

5. Jewish News Interview 17 March 2022 

6. Harpers Bazaar - 25 March

7. The Belfast Telegraph - 6 April

8. Mind, Body, Spirit Magazine - 7 April 

9. The Masthead, April 2022

10. FastCompany April 2022

11. Unleash  May 2022

12. Yoga Magazine - Using Humour to Ease Stress - pdf

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