Pre-Book Launch & Discussion

Oct 11, 2021
Linen Hall Library, Belfast (Zoom)


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Every Tuesday 7.30pm UK time
Almost Happy Interactive

Pre-Book Launch Workshop:
Dare We Laugh at Ourselves

10 October 2021
Introducing the key concepts and principles underlying the use of humour for self-improvement

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Online Library Talks:

March 2022
Chappaqua Library, New York, USA Westport Library, Connecticut, USA
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Almost Happy Book - Available 1st March 2022

255 Pages Hardback bound book. Includes shipping to the continental US.

Just flip the pages until you encounter buttons that make fun of the parts of you that are holding you back. Then read the tongue-in-cheek ‘suggestions’ that tease you with reverse psychology and nudge you to make some positive changes.

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