What is are these Almost Happy buttons?

What is are these Almost Happy buttons?

The Almost Happy Buttons

Each of us shows a different aspect of our selves at different times. A simple example: we may be tender at home and ruthless at work. However we can run into all sorts of problems when one of our sub-personalities become too powerful and the other characteristics don’t ‘speak up’. Almost Happy badges are carefully-designed comic labels for your sub-personalities that have become too loud. The buttons aim to provoke the healthy you to laugh at the dominant sub-personalities that may be holding you back and - by laughing at them, disempower them.   


How do Almost Happy buttons provoke change?

They use comedy, satire and parody to identify and label that unhealthy part of you. When the unhelpful trait is detached from the whole of you, named and encapsulated in a tiny button, it is easier to recognise its negative influence on you.

The provocative suggestions that accompany each button use reverse psychology to stimulate us to see the funny side of our self-defeating behaviours. When we laugh at our own negative patterns of behaviour, we decrease the power of those patterns over us and strengthen our resolve to change.

Is there a psychological basis for Almost Happy?

Yes, Almost Happy uses reverse psychology to provoke meaningful change in people. It is inspired by clinical Provocative Therapy, the cutting edge in the use of reverse psychology in medicine and psychotherapy.

How can Almost Happy buttons be used safely?

By obeying the Golden Rule of Provocative Therapy: Only give them or use them on yourself or others when you have affection in the heart and a twinkle in the eye.

What happens if someone is offended by a badge or button?

It’s impossible to use humour or satire in any way without the risk of offending someone somewhere. Almost Happy buttons have been created with the express purpose of provoking people to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Surely people might be upset by Almost Happy buttons?

On occasion some people might find a button offensive but as no button describes a whole person, it’s only a sub-personality that can be offended. While each button has been designed with love, respect and hope for whole people, they do use reverse psychology to disarm the parts of us that are not serving us well. You will need a sense of humour to help you understand this process.

Can I use the buttons on other people or tag them?

Only if you are confident you can do so using the Golden Rule of Provocative Therapy: Only with a twinkle in the eye or affection in the heart. If you aren’t confident you can do that, then keep the buttons for exclusive use on yourself. It is not helpful to ambush anyone with a button if they have not given their permission to be provoked.

How can I learn more about Almost Happy and Provocative Therapy?

Read the book, Almost Happy: Find your buttons and change with Reverse Psychology. You can also email brian@almosthappy.com to book a session or workshop.

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